DuxxBak Installation

The DuxxBak™ decking product is unique, not only in its water shedding capabilities but in its installation. We strongly advise you to read the installation instructions and watch the videos before beginning your project to ensure that your DuxxBak™ deck is installed properly. Incorrect installation of your DuxxBak™ Decking can void your warranty.

Below are some things to consider before you start installing your new water shedding deck.

Hybrid engineered composite decking will expand and contract as temperatures change. To minimize these effects, attempt to install deck boards when temperatures are as close to 60 degrees as possible. For the most uniform results on hot days, lay the boards out in the shade before installation to minimize the effects of temperature extremes. Also, avoid extreme cold temperature installation.
An unrestricted minimum pitch of 1/8” per foot in the direction of intended water flow is required. A pitch of 1/4” per foot will provide better water shedding assurance.
A gap of at least 1/8” must be provided where the deck meets the house or other structure. A minimum gap of 3/16” must be provided at each side of posts or other obstructions.
See the “DuxxBak™ Water Shedding Deck System Installation Instructions” for fastener selection recommendations to assure a secure installation. Fastener selection does make a difference.
Adequate under deck air circulation is required. In general, at least 24” of open space is required.
The installation of a ceiling under your deck is not recommended. If a ceiling is installed it should be constructed using water resistant materials and must be vented to provide adequate airflow to the substructure.
Adequate drainage and/or ground run off capacity should be provided to assure that continuing wet conditions are not present in the soil under the deck.

DuxxBak Installation

DuxxBak Advanced Installation

CAD details

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