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GeoRail railing system is available in eight railing kit types:

Click here to download more information on the kits.

 Standard Railing: 36” & 42” height

– GeoRail is available in 6’ and 8’ lengths

 Stair Railing: 36” & 42” height

– Available in 6’ and 8’ lengths

 Individual components are also available to create custom designs and applications.

The complete GeoRail railing system includes post sleeves, railings, balusters, end caps, post caps, post base trim, and handrail collars — everything needed to create a great-looking railing around your deck.

Since GeoRail is made from a combination of reclaimed paper by-product, rice hulls (a rapidly renewable resource), and other high-quality materials, its properties differ from those of wood products. Therefore, GeoRail has different handling and installation requirements, which need to be taken into consideration during the planning of your deck installation.

NEW! Baluster Pro Clips

Baluster pro clips are a great way to create custom railing designs. The baluster pro clips are engineered for quick and easy installation. Unlike many of our competitors, no screws are needed for the baluster pro clip installation. You simply use GeoRail’s pre-routered railing and the clip style you need, and the clips are engineered so that they can be inserted into the railing quickly and efficiently. The baluster pro clips are available for standard square and round aluminum balusters or GeoRail’s color complementing 2” x 2” balusters. In addition, the baluster pro clips are available for hand rail or stair rail applications. Aluminum balusters are readily available at many building supply stores.

Click here for more information on baluster pro clips.

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