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Green Bay Decking is committed to using science-proven processes, both in our manufacturing and our quality control programs, to assure a predictable, consistent product for all of our end users.

Our material formulation is proven. Some of our decks have been exposed to the elements for nearly 20 years, in many different climates, with no ill effects. While other manufacturers are reformulating their products to address issues with weathering, fading, mold growth or heat retention, our science-based approach has delivered year after year of happy clients.



Our material science combines:

High density polyethylene (HDPE)
Rice Hulls
Antioxidant, Antifungal, Other

Click through the tabs below to learn more about each ingredient.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Virgin material – free of contaminants

Highly resistant to chemical attack

Density (0.960) contributes to density of decking

Density contributes to resistance from internal attack

Readily available in the required quality specs


Chemically resistant


More consistent product

Better control of properties

Less variation

Clean (No commingling or dirt)

Rice Hulls:

High silica content (sand or glass like)

Natural protectant qualities

Provides strength and stiffness attributes

Rapidly renewable resource – Environmentally friendly


Mineral reclaim from paper industry

Environmentally sustainable

Very high density (1.32) contributes to density of our product

Contains calcium carbonate and clay – Inert materials that contribute to stable product

Tannins and lignins stripped from by-product to help resist staining and fading


Iron oxide base provides a stable color quality

Helps resist fade

We only use colorant from renowned suppliers

Added during board extrusion process to provide production control


Serves a dual purpose in manufacture and board service life

Provides resistance to thermal destruction of plastic in the manufacturing process

Acts like an ultra-violet (UV) inhibitor to resist attack and breakage of the plastic chain


Helps prevent the growth of fungal material within the decking


Serves a dual purpose in manufacture and board service

Mates with iron oxide based colorants to migrate in and out to create surface finish


All incoming raw materials are submitted to QC testing and validation.

If it does not pass, it is rejected and not used.

There is no “good enough” for Green Bay Decking products. 

The quality of the materials directly affects the quality of the products.


Operating parameters

Temperatures, rates, speeds & feeds

Control wear in equipment

Conduct timely PM


Operating parameters

Temperatures, rates, speeds & feeds

Control wear in equipment

Conduct timely PM