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I.Dekk Composite Deck
Composite Decking from I.Dekk

I.Dekk™, formerly known as GeoDeck™,  offers more than just beauty. Its patented formulation is, in part, what makes it a step above the competition. With a combination of Biodac®, rice hulls, high-density polyethylene resins, and other high quality ingredients, I.Dekk™ has high fade resistance and very minimal water absorption in comparison to its wood composite competitors. Its strong “triple I-beam reinforced, box beam” construction creates a stronger deck board than the competition even though it is lighter in weight and won’t rot or mold. Learn how to install I.Dekk™.

I.Dekk™ contains no wood fillers unlike many other alternative decking products in the market. Over 50% of the materials in I.Dekk™ are either rapidly renewable resources or reclaimed material that would normally be landfilled. Our formulation is why I.Dekk™ is the solution to creating a dream outdoor living space.

Our DuxxBak™ Water Shedding Deck System is also available in the four I.Dekk™ colors. Combine DuxxBak™ and I.Dekk™ to create a beautiful and multifunctional deck.

Products are available for commercial and residential applications. Please contact us at (877) 804-0137 for more details on the products offered for commercial applications.

  • Superior color retention
  • Resistant to mold, decay, and scratching
  • Easy to install
  • Industry-leading ratings for mechanical strength and durability
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Available in four colors: Cedar, Driftwood, Mahogany, and Walnut.
  • I.Dekk™ is compatible with all of our railing systems

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Tongue & Groove Profile:

  • Most efficient use of material
  • Hollow profile
  • Less weight per foot
  • Spans joists at 21” OC
  • Increased stiffness
  • Majority of fasteners hidden for clean finish
  • Rapid installation
  • More like wood flooring
  • “Gap-free” deck
  • A distinct visual aesthetic not readily available in composite decking

Learn more about the science behind our products.

Alternative spellings include: idekk, ideck, iDekk, iDeck, i-Deck, I-Deck, i_deck


I.Dekk™ is available in 4 naturally beautiful colors. Click through the buttons below and imagine what hue will best fit your house!


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I.Dekk™ Installation

I.Dekk™ Advanced Installation


Carefully review and follow the installation instructions and videos provided below. It’s a good idea to print the instructions and keep them handy during installation.

Hybrid-engineered composite decking will expand and contract as temperatures change. To minimize potential failure resulting from these movements, avoid installing your decking in extreme temperatures. The ideal installation temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

A gap of at least 3/16” must be provided where deck boards meet a house or other obstruction. That 3/16” gap must also be provided on each side of posts and other obstructions.

Use genuine Green Bay Decking fasteners, or equivalent.

All fasteners must be located a minimum of 3/4” from the ends of the deck boards. Additionally, any necessary face fasteners should be placed near the deck board structural septum, but not directly through the septum. Avoid over penetration of the fastener heads.

As with any manufactured decking product, be aware of conditions where reflective heat buildup from “Low-E” glass may cause damage to your deck.

If you need clarification of any step in the installation process, call Green Bay Decking direct at 877-804-0137.