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I.Dekk™, formerly known as GeoDeck™,  offers more than just beauty. Its patented formulation is, in part, what makes it a step above the competition. With a combination of Biodac®, rice hulls, high-density polyethylene resins, and other high quality ingredients, I.Dekk™ has high fade resistance and very minimal water absorption in comparison to its wood composite competitors. Its strong I-Beam construction creates a stronger deck board than the competition even though it is lighter in weight and won’t rot or mold. Learn how to install I.Dekk.

I.Dekk™ contains no wood fillers unlike many other alternative decking products in the market. Over 50% of the materials in I.Dekk™ are either rapidly renewable resources or reclaimed material that would normally be landfilled. Our formulation is why I.Dekk™ is the solution to creating a dream outdoor living space.

Our DuxxBak™ Water Shedding Deck System is also available in the four I.Dekk™ colors. Combine DuxxBak™ and I.Dekk™ to create a beautiful and multifunctional deck.

Products are available for commercial and residential applications. Please contact us at (877) 804-0137 for more details on the products offered for commercial applications.

  • Superior color retention
  • Resistant to mold, decay, and scratching
  • Easy to install
  • Industry-leading ratings for mechanical strength and durability
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Available in four colors: Cedar, Driftwood, Mahogany, and Walnut.
  • I.Dekk is compatible with all of our railing systems

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Engineering of I.Dekk

Tongue & Groove Profile:

  • Most efficient use of material
  • Hollow profile
  • Less weight per foot
  • Increased stiffness
  • Majority of fasteners hidden for clean finish
  • Rapid installation
  • More like wood flooring
  • “Gap-free” deck
  • A distinct visual aesthetic not readily available in composite decking

Learn more about the science behind our products.

Alternative spellings include: idekk, ideck, iDekk, iDeck, i-Deck, I-Deck, i_deck



I.Dekk is available in 6 naturally beautiful colors. Click through the buttons below and imagine what hue will best fit your house!