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Indura Deck – Affordable Quality Composite Decking

For homeowners with a desire for a low maintenance composite decking product at an affordable price, INDURA DECK is second to none.

INDURA DECK brings science and beauty together in a new era of manufactured composite decking. Created to answer the issues presented with wood- and PVC-based composite decking materials, INDURA DECK uses science-proven ingredients to naturally defy moisture and temperature extremes—two elements that have proven to be the enemy of traditional outdoor products.

Manufactured using all American, rapidly renewable materials, INDURA DECK will not rot, as it contains no wood filler to break down with environmental exposure. And because of its patented blend of BioDac®, rice hulls, and virgin High-Density Polyethylene, INDURA DECK is naturally-resistant to the effects of mold and mildew. We’re so sure of our product, we’re shipping it with a limited lifetime warranty.

If it’s a beautiful composite deck that you’re building, you will not find a more dimensionally-realistic composite wood grain than that which we’ve designed for our INDURA DECK product line. Available in three convincing representations of traditional hardwoods, your guests will be hard-pressed to guess whether your deck is made of wood or manufactured decking.

For more information on Indurra Deck visit https://greenbaydecking.com/indura-deck/

For more information on our full line of products for residential or commercial application, please call us at (877)-804-0137

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